Logistics Coordinator

This course will provide you the knowledge to become a successful Logistics Coordinator.

  • Salary Range: $40,000 - $60,000

  • 6 weeks, Part Time Schedule

  • School of Logistics Certification

  • In-demand skills and knowledge required to have for a successful Logistics Coordinator

  • A high level overview of the Transportation and Logistics industry

  • Knowledge of industry practices and protocols

Official School of Logistics Certification

Logistics Coordinator Specialist Certificate

Successful graduates of our program will receive a digital and physical copy of their certificate in the mail.

In Demand Job Specifics

We cover specific skills and knowledge necessary to be competitive in this industry.

  • Logistics Coordinator Fundamentals

    This course is the complete package if you’re interested in learning everything you need to know about 3PL Freight Management. In this course students will learn all the skills and requirements to become a successful Logistics Coordinator. You will learn how to manage the maintenance and preparation of purchase orders, handle bills of lading, arrange pick up and deliveries and how to respond to customer inquiries. Understand usage of software such as TMS, Loadlink, DAT and PC miler.

  • Sales and Negotiation

    This course is designed to bring out your top selling skills. Students will learn how to connect with people, how to generate leads, the power of negotiation, how to build personal and trusted relationships. Students will have the opportunity to learn and practice sales techniques, while developing sales strategies and learning the importance of market fluctuations in this industry.

  • Tracking, Tracing, and Customer Service

    In this course students will learn the tips and tricks on how to properly track and update shipments. Students will gain insight to what the transportation industry’s expectations are, knowledge on booking customer appointments, scheduling and calculating transit times, lumper charges, and coordinating delivery appointments, all using industry specific software. The course will breakdown how to update various information systems, the importance in maintaining integrity with PO’s # and SKU codes.

  • Transportation Accounting

    Accounting systems are the universal language for business worldwide. This crash course covers the complete transportation accounting cycle, from the recording of transactions in journals to the preparation of common types of financial statements used by the transportation industry in Canada. Students will learn industry specific knowledge that includes Invoicing, POD’s, BOL’s, accessorial charges and more.

  • Information Technology Skills & Tools

    This course involves exposure to software’s required in the transportation industry. Students will work with multiple (TMS) transportation management systems such as DAT, Loadlink, PC miler, and Truckstop. The course is designed to help students not only learn how to use the software but how to apply it to analyze solutions related to logistics management.

Logistics Coordinator

Customer Service Specialist

Cross Border Specialist

Operations Supervisor

Support Agent

Logistics Coordinator Specialist begins again on June 19, 2021

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